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    Pretty much have to get them through dealers who charge same price as online from my experience purchasing. Didn't realize the $300 price point...but at about $650 they are not ridiculous and I always prefer a flat ski so I can choose my 2 piece binding.

    If you get a chance to demo these I really recommend you do. A very fun ski.
    Ramps are only sold from the factory (at regular dealer price) or thriugh a stocking dealer. They do not sell them to "clearence type wharehouses".
    Jim got the 2nd to last pair of the 179's off the assembly line for the 13-14' model year before they switched over to the new graphics.

    I am not a huge fan of the new graphics on most of their current skis. They cover up the buetiful natural wood with some strange graphics. They have buetiful internal materials so they should show them off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlague View Post
    These are soft enough in the tail to do better in bumps than my current ski.

    IMO, soft tails are not your friend in the bumps. Flat, stiff tails are my preference.

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    Got them in 185

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    2016-2017 target - 50

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