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    Did they always use that slogan about the strong tree?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbler View Post
    Those were downright embarassing. "Sugarbush Passholder" Made it look like a special parking sticker or something. We actually laugh everytime we see one on a car.
    It reminds me of the marketing playbook of sports teams whereby they try to give extra ways to overtly point out who is a season ticket holder (STH), so that that individual (presumably with low self-esteem) will feel important or more worth, thus more likely to renew (or attract other potential buyers who also want to be overtly known and viewed as a STH). So teams now give the STH these lanyards that they wear around their neck, or other obvious things to identify who is/isnt a STH, which serve no purpose other than to instantly identify the person as a STH.

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