Volkl snowboard for sale!


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    Volkl snowboard for sale!

    So i know that the season is starting and im EXCITED as im sure you are too!!!! Sooo with that being said, i have a brand new mens volkl snowboard for sale. It is a 161, aircore model. I got it for my husband, but he decided he wanted a smaller board so now im stuck with it since i cant return it. Id like to get $200 for it. I have a pair of used large solomon bindings if you would like. Im located in Boston. I will post photos as soon as i get a chance.

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    Please use the gear thread ...
    Whatever hits the fan will not be distributed evenly.

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    So sorry! New to this forum! Thanks

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    No problem. Welcome to AZ and good luck selling the board.

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    This is obvious advice but I've had excellent luck selling ski gear on Craigslist multiple times. It makes perfect sense to try here but Craigslist casts such a bigger net. Include pictures.

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    Thanks edd. I have in the past and havent had much luck but i will keep trying. I will take pics as soon as i get home as well. Thanks for the help

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    I know you said "brand new" but any thoughts on how old the board actually is? I remember Volkl Aircore boards from circa 2000, but I haven't heard about them in a while. Pics would definitely help.

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    I rly dont know what year. It has the sticker on the back still. I will post pics asap today

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