'13 Sir Francis Bacon 184cm used flat


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    '13 Sir Francis Bacon 184cm used flat SOLD

    I have a pair of Bacons as described above once mounted with Baron smalls, holes filled. Bases are in very good condition with only a few (2-3) shallow scratches. Edges could use an edging and a base grind would clean up the scratches. A few passes with a gummie would work well. There is some sticker residue on the tips and very light chipping to the tips and top sheet. $400 skis only, 500 skis and clamps split shipping to you FedEx.

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    Base pics
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    I have these skis I friggen love them. What are you switching too?
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    I wish you had these last spring, would like them over my Influences.

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    Nick I am getting prophet 98s or vagabonds which are stiffer than the bacons. Would love the supernaturals but they are spendy right now, too new for deals. If I can't sell them then I'll throw some clamps on them and let them ride!!
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    Can I get one bump please, one bump only (in a Scottish accent playing a Russian).
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    Turkey day price drop bump $425 shipped
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    Also have a Pair of Look PX 12XXL (115mm) I can add for $125 for someone who might need clamps for these.
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    I'd recommend throwing the bindings in for free to sweeten the deal.

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    If someone is interested in both a deal can be made.
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