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    Quote Originally Posted by prsboogie View Post
    Can't find any bacons on cl anywhere
    Here's 20+ listings for SFBs on CL (some active some recently expired).... https://www.google.com/cse?cx=008732...con&gsc.page=1

    Just to give an example about what StBear was saying about this forum not being your best bet for top dollar: Look back at the posting from last year for Volkl Shiros. The guy started at $500 (with bindings) and ended up selling them for $175 (to me). I sold them a few weeks ago on CL for $400.

    Not trying to undercut your sale. But if you're going to perpetually bump so we have to keep seeing your post you should consider dropping the price with each bump.

    If you want to cut right to the end....I'll take them (with the bindings) for $175.

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    I appreciate what your saying but its obvious he was desperate to sell, I'm not. If I'm could figure out how to remove a listing I would take this down but I will mount and ride before giving away.
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    If you would like this thread removed or any other thread, just report the thread and leave a note. A moderator will take care of it. Or, you can just let it sink and revive it later in the year.

    I agree with what Cannonball says. In all my years here, rarely do I see used skis sell on AZ for anywhere close to what people try and get for them. Some say that's because of how knowledgeable our members are; I'd say it's more likely that most of us are cheap.

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    Thanks DHS I will. And I would dump them if I was desperate but I'm not. Wouldn't say cheap but frugal 😁
    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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    I also do the Twitters.

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