trying to make reservation for Feb 6-8 2015 ski weekend


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    trying to make reservation for Feb 6-8 2015 ski weekend

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to access the thread for February 6-8 2015 ski weekend (below the link).....but i get access denied Any reason why?

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    Hey nicospiniello, I'm having the same problem although I posted several messages....

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    you need 5 posts (which you both seem to have) try again? link works for me.
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    I think it takes a day or so for the permission to be granted after the necessary number of posts have been make. Try again today, it should work.

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    What bvibert said. It can take up to day (although I think it's only supposed to be 4 hours) before your account gets "promoted" so you can make the post. If you still have issues today let me know.
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