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    New Member here. A few buddies of mine and I have being doing weekenders, working through the New England section of the AT from Bear Mountain in CT and working our way north. We started in November this past year. We did a 20 mile, two day hike from the October Mountain Forest to Cheshire towards the end of January. I like hiking in the winter but safety is definitely my biggest concern. We stayed at the Kay Wood shelter so it was much easier to do the overnight.

    Looking forward to Mt. Greylock next. Hoping to get out there when the snow is going/gone but before the road opens up to car traffic. Excited to do more backpacking and making our way through the New England portion of the AT. After Maine, we are going to finish Connecticut and start hiking New York and hopefully head further south.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krikaya View Post

    And I'm sure your wife loves you and cares about your safety but all my friends who are married get flak from their wives when they hike. If most women had their way, men would never be allowed to leave the couch.
    Ah, to find a man who would enjoy going winter hiking for there are none to be found in my part of the world it seems.....I guess they are all home sitting on the couch waiting for March Madness.

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