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    Don't take it so seriously. I only meant that you weren't so driven to "count" the summit that you were willing to come down the safe way.

    I took the van down from Washington once myself, too ... and that was after taking 2 whole days to get to the summit!
    Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face. - Dave Barry
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    i have also taken the van down from the summit of washington. nothing wrong with that.
    -Steve "Skiing is not a sport, it is a way of life." - Otto Schniebs

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    If I ever got over that way in the summer I would probably take the van up!
    Ski all you can, when you can, where you can!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mryan
    screw you pal.

    There'll be no more taking people seriously in my thread, you bunch of van riding lazy bums.

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    yeah. well. from this point on, i will take nothing seriously. ok, maybe some things, but only a few.

    yesterday--6.12.04--some friends and i hiked lafayette and lincoln via old bridle, franconia ridge, and falling waters. the weather was perfect and visibility was 100 miles. but there was of coursse tons of people, all hiking it seems in the opposite direction. one thing that i will never understand is the sight of seeing a group people, usually women, hiking on the ridge with only sneakers and the clothers on their backs and no packs to speak of. isn't that a little dangerous? underprepared? the hike was great. we ate tons of food(my intake for the day:two peanut butter sandwiches, two clif bars, a banana, an apple, and 40 ounces of water). ok, this is turning into a trip report. got to go now.

    cheers, mryan.

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