Little League - cheaters


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    Little League - cheaters

    Looks like they cheated.... such a great story when it was happening only to find out they put winning above sportsmanship.
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    In this day and age you will be caught eventually. Pretty sad to see

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    That is Chicago for ya!
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    its not official until the media puts "gate" behind the scandal.
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    It's not official until they get the patent to the Xbox video game..

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    Very sad.
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    caught a little of this on tv news.

    1. lady ( a mother) played the race card...
    2. why should the kids be penalized for actions of the adults
    3. kids didn't do anything wrong

    ok... so @ 12 years old you pretty much do what your parents tell you. nobody thought it odd that kids who played in different districts/leagues who didn't play together all season long get together for post season ball?

    unless the coach was running a scam i'd think the parents had to know something wasn't quite right

    and as for punishing the kids for actions of the adults... what about all the kids who lost to them along the way. i'm not a fan of frivolous law suits but i'd imagine there will be some civil cases out of this??
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Parents claim team was put together because there were several players worthy of national attention.

    This is another case of parents who think their kid is the next Willie Mays or Hank Aaron. Wouldn't be surprised if some of these kids are already PED users.

    Pathetic! Glad to see cheaters get the book thrown at them!

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