De Marchi Classic Softshell Jacket - Men's

We're often a bit befuddled by how difficult it can be to find well-made, technically advanced cycling apparel that doesn't necessary look like it is. The high-contrast patterns and vivid colors of most cycling apparel can be a little intense for some tastes. This is why we fall for pieces like the De Marchi Classic Softshell Jacket. It's simple in form but fantastic in function.
That sleek appearance comes courtesy of subtle hues and a flattering but technical cycling cut. The rear of the jacket is slightly elongated to provide coverage while on the bike, but it's not so long as to look awkward off the bike. Also back there are two side-zippered cargo pockets to hold all of your riding essentials. The jacket is made of a tightly-woven polyester fabric that receives De Marchi's proprietary ThermaShield treatment for wind- and water-resistance. It's warm, but it's also been engineered to breathe very well, so you won't overheat on longer or more rigorous rides.

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