Continental Race King Tire - 29in - 2013

There is more to a tire than knobs. The Continental Race King 29 does its majik not only with the low, finely-gritted tread bars, but with the large, supple casing and round profile. While this is a tire for big wheels, it doesn't ride like a big tire, which is to say, it doesn't feel slow. It feels responsive.
Go up, or down, and it grips. The transition to turning is smooth. Lean on the tire for a long-radius turn and it is still gripping as well as it did while riding a straight line.
A word of warning. Early iterations of this tire were made on an under-sized mold. The result is a tire that is closer to 1.9" than the 2.2" intended. Going forward, the tire has been re-done and is now a true 2.2".
The Continental Race King 29 has a three-ply wrap of 60 thread per inch casing material for a 180tpi casing and is foldable. The Continental Race King ProTection 29 has a four-ply wrap of 60 thread per inch casing material for a 240tpi casing. The recommended tire pressure is 50psi, with a max pressure of 65psi. The ETRTO size is 55-663 and the tire size is 29 x 2.2" or 29 x 2.0". The tread and casing is black.

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