De Marchi Thermal Tights - Women's

By releasing the Thermal Tights in a bib-free model for women, De Marchi is acknowledging that not all ladies of the peloton want to squeeze themselves into a clothing system that " depending on your own body type " can often feel like it's designed for a man's body. The lack of bibs also means the tights won't interfere with your upper-body layering choices. By omitting the bibs, De Marchi lifts the restriction on women's access to insulation rated into the high-30s.
The Tights are built from De Marchi's Roubaix-Type fabric, which has a soft, brushed lining for comfortable touch on your skin and temperatures in your microclimate. Nothing's worse than overheating in the middle of a cold ride and spending a final, miserable hour spinning in a clammy chill, so De Marchi incorporated ventilating panels in the back. This means the Thermal Tights don't just insulate; they also regulate, keeping your body's temperature in the ideal range while evacuating any moisture from the inside.
The fit is designed with pre-shaped panels that conform to your legs throughout the myriad cycling motions of your typical ride " standing, reaching, tucking for a descent, and pedaling. The nylon and Lycra blend of the Roubaix material provides gentle compression and a firm, secure feel that reduces the gradual accumulation of fatigue caused by road noise. The few seams De Marchi needed to assemble the tights are flatlocked, and the thoughtfully shaped panels ensure that they avoid sensitive areas like the knee caps to eliminate abrasion during repetitive motions.
De Marchi finishes the Thermal Bib Tights with the women's-specific Flanders chamois, which is designed to provide enough cushioning for base-building rides of two or three hours. It's also breathable and wicks moisture to keep moisture from building up and becoming frigid over the course of a ride.

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