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    Just checking back in here to say thanks for the replies.
    I've been experimenting with OTC inserts in my street shoes, definitely makes sense to try that for hiking too.
    And custom orthotics too if an OTC insert doesn't work. I consider them a given for ski boots, why not hiking boots too?

    As for poles, I appreciate the suggestion but I'll stay pole-less until my knees start complaining, which hopefully is still a couple decades away. You can't trail run with poles.

    And lastly I just discovered there's a whole bag of tricks you can do with lacing, besides just tie'ing a regular knot at the top. Seriously, I never knew that! (d'oh) So... there's one other thing for me to try.

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    So, it looks like my North Face boots are shot. Any suggestions on a hiking boot, something that I can use most of the year?

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