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    Fine for more than 12 people? Fine for champagne on the ground are you kidding me?
    Maine, maybe not the way life should be. I congratulate the guy on his record. I don't even like to fly that far.

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    After reading many of the comments on Facebook and on Jurek's blog it seems most people view him as an inspiration but at the same time there are a few that view him as a corporate whore. Seems you can't please everybody no matter what you do.
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    For those of you that backpack or have ever done part of the AT, or just have an interest in it: I just finished a good book "AWOL on Appalachian Trail"

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiMEbike View Post
    Oh, I know that park director! He teaches Asshole 101 at my local college!

    To witness someone complete an amazing feat like that and them bring them down so soon is just a big bully.
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    Think I'll default to first thoughts(replied earlier)..
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    That is an interesting article. Some things I didn't know about Baxter. Still Mr Caverly exaggerates when he says things like "a hundred camera people. So what it really boils down to is that the group was registered - any additional folks at the top were not part of that group. Additionally - ONE PERSON - ASKED PERMISSION to bring champagne and it was granted. So when people pop off with statements that make it sound like there was some big loud obnoxious parade going up the mountain I can only shake my head.
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    i've been up there when thru hikers finish (not someone beating a record, just random smelly people at the end of the trail)

    Everyone (thru hikers and day hikers) would gather around and cheer them on as they came up the hill and they all took pictures of the finishes.

    I don't believe the situation was unique to Jurek, probably more people than normal, but every weekend it's a bit of a party when people finish. Baxter probably hates that, but I think it would take really cranky hiker to not enjoy it.

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    Over Mr Bisells right shoulder are Erase able markers with labels on them ! Such Commercialization is an "Outrage!!!"
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    So where did they film "A Walk in the Woods?" Was any of it in Maine?
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