Mount Chocorua Question


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    Mount Chocorua Question

    Hoping to hike Mount Chocorua this weekend for the first time starting on the Piper Trail.

    Any advice on taking Nickerson/Carter Ledge/Middle Sister trail vs just the Piper up & back?
    Think Snow!

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    I clicked on this thread because I read the header too fast and thought you had a question about Count Chocula. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Mount Chocorua.

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    Are you knowledgeable on Count Chocula?

    Think Snow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkSnow View Post
    Are you knowledgeable on Count Chocula?

    My specialty is lucky charms, but I've been known to dabble in the count!

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    Did you end up doing it?

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    Not yet, unfortunately. I attempted water skiing a few weeks back and popped a tendon in my leg, so I'm nursing that back to health now.

    Think Snow!

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