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    O likes your dad good gut good son

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    I swam at the Y before work this morning, ran into some guys I know. I told them my Dad's mind is still pretty sharp, but just about everything else is deteriorating. My Uncle, on the other hand, is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. His body is pretty good, 88 yrs old, but he's losing his mind. God'll getcha one way or the other, I told them.

    My poor Mom, my Uncle, her Brother, got into a fender bender in a parking lot four months ago. He told the cops he thought the gas pedal stuck. For fear there really was a mechanical issue with his car, they had it towed to a garage. There was nothing wrong with the car. My Uncle couldn't remember where his car was towed. He gave the cops my Mom's number. She was told not to let him drive. She confiscated his car. It has been stored at her friend's house for the last 4 months. My Uncle took, and failed, a road test a couple weeks ago. I drove the car for a week because I had a dragging brake on my car, and it was good for his car to be driven. We had new brakes put on his car prior to his road test. People at work were asking me if I got a new car. I'd say, no, just driving a stolen car.

    So, if anyone is looking for a decent used car, my Mom has power of attorney, and will probably end up selling his car and just giving him the money.

    2002 Audi A6
    Tan leather interior, beige exterior
    82,000 miles
    3.0 liter V6
    Quatro all wheel drive
    Automatic, with tiptronic
    All new rotors, pads, and brake lines
    Tires are good.

    Garage kept, body is spotless except for a scuffed front bumper, aforementioned parking lot incident. Interior is good with normal wear.

    I think new struts are in order, feels a little wallowy, other than that, pretty nice ride. Would make a good ski vehicle with the AWD. The seats may be heated, I'll have to check.

    Book for the A6 is $1,100 - $3,800, $2,000 is probably a fair price, the brake work was a $1,300 bill.

    Owned by a forgetful little old man from Binghamton who has no idea where he used to drive it on Sundays.
    Leave no turn unstoned!

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    Bump always sad but you took great care of your dad!!!

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