FS Fisher Watea 94 170 - SOLD


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    FS Fisher Watea 94 170 - SOLD

    FS Fisher Watea 94 170

    Watea 94 170 cm skis 3 season old maybe all total 10 --15 days on them. Has not been used this season at all. Few minor scratches from being used. Binding not included. Overall great skis. hope someone who can put them to use. I'm going with my own brand of skis and have no use for them anymore

    List Date: 3/25/2014

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    I like them a lot thanks again I much better skiier now with those lovely smoke ski's to then my older dying skis that had plenty of good uses I. Platty ski stems and all conditions no complaints though it was fun times

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    welcome. I'm glad you put them to good use.
    Let me know when you're ready to upgrade to real/one-of-a-kind skis

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