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    New Project - Why We Hike

    Want to introduce my new project I've finally kicked off: Why We Hike. I've been parked on the domain for a year but finally was motivated to start it. The premise is simple: I ask hikers "Why do you hike?" The website is a collection of their photos and answers.

    I was inspired by George Mallory's infamous answer about why he was compelled to climb Everest after repeated failures. "Because it is there," he said. My project will explore why people continue to go out into the woods, in inclement weather, in search of hiking lists, etc.

    I hope you'll take a visit, enjoy it, and provide feedback. And I hope to see you on the trails!

    Thanks, and happy trails.
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    For the fresh air and views.

    Ponchos in the wind by Bob Misuraca, on Flickr
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    So I can eat. more. pizza.

    I'm not really sure why I hike - mostly to spend time with my dog I guess and stay in shape. I wish I was out fishing everyday but that's not burning the calories. I might think about this a bit more..

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    Turns out hiking (especially the down hike) is kick ass cross training for skiing.

    Coming down steep Catskill trails full of loose round rocks works every muscle in my legs especially my ankles.

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    Because I love being in mountains not watching TV. Good fun times excellent views. It really cool to hike all the 3500 elevation Catskills in mess then 3/years. Great off season exercise. Good times with friends. Great muscle buildkng for skiing. Cheap once you get good gear no lift tickets needed. And love looking at ski trails seeing how much bigger Catskills are then some of those trails at least by Windam. Love seeing all people with their pets who enjoy being out to.

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    For the fresh air and views.
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    Think Snow!

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    For the fresh air and views.
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    Think Snow!

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    Remote places always have cool views....and not always figuratively. April 28th 2012...~20mi SW of Katahdin. Temps in high 30s ~1pm. One of those many N.Central Maine backcountry areas that are accessible via logging roads only, old but revisited a bit, but with its secret areas. Wildlife, brooks that beavers turn into bogs and then revert to brooks. Woods varying from medium to thick growth in hardwood, softwood and old growth in areas. Backcountry that one gets introduced to in Jr. HS never forget..
    Location: ~2 miles SE of Farrar Mtn., 15mi SW of Katahdin, T1 R12 WELS township, Piscataquis County, ME
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    Because I love being among nature and the mountains. Mountains are Nature's masterpieces, whether by glacier, tectonics, or volcanic activity. They represent remoteness and remind us that we are merely temporary occupiers of this beautiful, old world. I feel much more at peace and alive when I am away from society and among nature. The quiet nights in the forest lit up by endless stars and a bright moon glow is how the world is supposed to look. Without skyscrapers, street lights, or engine noises.

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