"Peak Above The Nubble" 2-11-07. HIGHLY underrated view!


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    "Peak Above The Nubble" 2-11-07. HIGHLY underrated view!

    Date(s) Hiked: 2-11-07

    Trails(s) Hiked: Logging roads, Bushwhack

    Total Distance: ~5

    Difficulty: Very difficult

    Conditions: Snowy, Sprucey

    Special Required Equipment: Snowshoes

    Trip Report:

    Anyone thinking of doing this mountain soon should do it before the next snow fall! We packed down a nice easy to follow (except maybe through the spruce mess which wasn’t that much) path! It’s practically a super highway! (just park behind 7 dwarves and follow my map directions).

    Yellow Dog (Jeff), and donna joined me on this hike, and what a hike it was! It was an excellent day with absolutely awesome views. I will decree that PAtN has one of the most underrated views in the Whites. I was not expecting such a great view from a bushwhack! This whack had a lot of steep sections, but the heavy spruce wasn’t too bad (there were virtually no blow downs in the spruce which makes it a lot easier).

    Please note: the summit canister is on a blown down tree. Its tilted around 45 degrees so its not on the ground yet. Also, if you climb it on a foggy day there is a false summit and a real summit. Make sure you get the real one .

    LOTS OF GOOD PICS and a more full TR here: http://hoosactunnel.net/nonhoosac/NH/PAtN070211/

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