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    Quote Originally Posted by xwhaler View Post
    And still down....
    Thought you had a new home?
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    2016-2017 target - 50

    If you take what the mountain gives you, you will always have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlague View Post
    Thought you had a new home?

    Yup,pretty sweet. No discussing west coast mountains or weather and a hell of a lot more fun. Check out the latest poll!
    My couch might pull out but I send it.

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    i'm running a new AV product at home and happened to click the link for MRV. this is what showed in my logs:
    Access has been blocked to '' as 'Mal∕HTMLGen-A' has been found at this website.
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    I get a database error when i click a thread but the forum loads normally. Its a shame, the forum getting much stronger in the spring.

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    Nick actually emailed me last week and said he would look into the database error. Not sure what he found out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phin View Post
    No change. There were 20 user on the website according to the bottom of the menu when I checked.

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