Gerry Outdoor Gear is Back and at Costco


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    Thumbs up Gerry Outdoor Gear is Back and at Costco

    Over the last few months I have noticed folks wearing the once ubiquitous Gerry down jacket. Growing up I recall seeing the brand and having a good impression of it.

    Two weeks ago while I was getting milk, butter, and bread at my Costco, I saw that they were selling Gerry brand long sleeved nylon sport shirts:

    I'm a fan of these because they work great for travel. They are light and generally don't wrinkle. They also last forever. At $19.99 I snagged a blue and a red one. The fit is a bit small, but they work great. Nice features. Less than half the price of similar travel shirts.'s-Lo...100228373.html

    I also noticed online that they are going to be selling Gerry polyester sunshirts for $13.99

    I like the retro look and colors. I snagged one of each color. Amazing price for these shirts that I wear all the time for skiing, hiking, around the house, working out, etc.'s-Lo...100233980.html's-Lo...100233993.html's-Lo...100234006.html

    They also have Gerry shorts but I have not tried them.

    Pretty cool and great prices.
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    A few months ago they had what looked to be spyder core sweater knock offs for $30. I was going to buy one but the next time I went they were gone. I never heard of the brand Gerry but they looked well made.

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    Plenty of Gerry at Sports Authority.

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