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    Quote Originally Posted by JamaicaMan View Post
    Sunshine Corner right there...Patrol shack for early season Green Chair-only access (yes, completing that beauty this summer) and then later season SC “shenanigans shack”

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    Are you saying its done, Harvey? It's a place I passed by on my way to Gore plenty of times before I actually took the turn one day after hearing tales from people like yourself. It was a wet spring like day and there was really only one good way down but it was a blast! I could of counted the other people there on my hands including staff. It felt like I knew there names by the end of the day. Weirdest thing I remember was my credit card receipt had a Texas address... I would love to have had a chance to check out there glades. Man did they seem intriguing! Idk maybe because you had to ski up it really didn't seem small either. What a shame! Is there any hope of revitalizing? Too bad Lake George is such a ghost town in the winter...

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    Hickory has a scale issue. The infrastructure can't transport enough skier visits for the ski area to make sense financially.

    I'm extremely glad I got there the few times I did.

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    The NEW Magic Mountain

    Quote Originally Posted by JamaicaMan View Post
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    The new RV has crappy gas mileage but gets you great views...

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    Silly me thinking you guys would take a few days off at the end of the season. I hope all that snow isnt getting in the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Do Work View Post
    While that is true and there are many parasitic variables we do have much higher sustained GPM now that we changed out our base area piping to all 8" with minimized angles. Our new air center will be huge in being able to open early, our increased gallonage will be huge in keeping that pace up and trail count blossoming now that we have tracked down all the major air leaks. Know anybody looking to get rid of any baby ratnik sleds btw? (Baby X2s)
    750 gets you 15 GPM Stage 1 for 50 guns ideal. You're absolutely right that to run fans or Rats you'd need to reserve water or air, and once you see 18 F you'll have to drop guns to keep pressure as Deck 2 comes on.
    I'm used to opening terrain with 25+ WB, and I didn't consider colder temperatures. Still, a few more 10' Impulse sleds or fixed towers on Plan A Green Lift terrain wouldn't hurt.

    I'm curious why y'all are going for older Baby SG2+2 over SR15, Omicron doubles, and the other used big air options - I like Ratniks myself, I just figured new generation Baby SG2+2 or Baby Triples would be more efficient if you were staying (almost) all Ratnik.

    Edit: I meant to cite the comment Do Work responded to.

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    Jamaicaman makes a few turns:

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