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    After almost a year without cable I'm pretty ok with it. We've been using Sling and Hulu for current TV shows. Sling has a nice selection of channels but their technical glitches are too frequent. Live TV on Sling actually works better than on demand shows; I would've thought the opposite would be true. Stream quality is generally decent but AMC shows, by far, look shittier than the rest and I don't understand why.

    We currently use the Hulu with no commercials plan but we took the Hulu Live TV plan for a test drive to see if we could replace Sling with it. The stream quality is pretty good. The Handmaiden's Tale, in particular, looks Blu-Ray quality. Their new interface, only available on select devices now, is like nothing I've ever seen. It took real getting used to but now I like it. One huge advantage they have over Sling is that it tracks what you've watched perfectly, which seems an obvious feature but Sling, incredibly, tracks what you've watched with about a 25% accuracy rate. It's awful.

    We didn't stick with the Hulu Live TV specifically because they don't carry AMC and Sling does but that channel is a lot less valuable to me since we bailed on The Walking Dead. Better Call Saul and Preacher are the only shows I care for from them. I'm hoping that Hulu Live TV picks up AMC but I may go back regardless out of sheer frustration with Sling.

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    Amazon and Netflix for TV, rabbit ears in the attic for local news and weather on weekday morning. I'm always amazed when we travel and watch regular cable; the amount of commercials is crazy. And if you think about it, you're paying for the cable to come to your house...yet you're subjected to commercials. Haven't looked back since we got rid of cable and the landline...both a few years ago.

    At the VT place, we need "basic cable" to get internet. Unfortunately, no work arounds there. However, we are beyond lucky to have broadband access where we are. We listen to a lot of Pandora and still stream most everything when up north.

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    I wish I could be happy without cable....i watch to much tv. I enjoy laying down and watching tv in the evening .

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    We cut cable out last December and substituted it with DirecTV Now. We have always had Hulu and Netflix. So far, we have basically retained all of our live channels including HBO (my wife is addicted to HGTV) and they offer locals (ABC, NBC, CBS, and TV3 and Celtics Basketball. With an antenna we get fox. Overall we saved over $100 a month - getting rid of boxes and only pay $35/month for the package and $50 for the internet. So $85/month vs $190...

    I miss watching the sox and bruins, but I can catch them at any bar.

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    Wow, you guys are so high tech!
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    Thinking about this as well after our last cable bill was $252...

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    We did this last year and haven't looked back. I don't watch a ton of sports though so it didn't really feel like any kind of loss. 99% of what we watch is on netflix or amazon video on demand. Just work all day & night

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