Instep height of new Dalbello DRS World Cup vs. Lange Z and/or Scorpion 130?


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    Instep height of new Dalbello DRS World Cup vs. Scorpion 130 and/or Lange Z?

    Hi, first post. Visiting here b/c this forum seems fairly ski-race-oriented. No longer race, but still like the boots.

    Currently in Dalbello Scorpion SR 130's. Perfect fit for me when used with a thin race liner and Conformable foam tongue. In particular, they just manage to fit my very high instep (I don't need to fasten the instep buckle). But I need to switch boots (for reasons I can get into if you're interested, but not needed for my purposes here). Tried on the Lange ZB last year. Overall a good fit, but just a bit low for my instep, and I'm not sure how much we can mod my custom tongue to adjust. I'm also seriously considering the recently-introduced Dalbello DRS World Cup (my understanding is that it and the Lange Z have the highest insteps among the plugs), but I'd have to order it sight-unseen, so I'm wondering if anyone here who's been in either the Lange Z's, or my current boot, and who has a high instep, can tell me how the high the instep of the DRS WC is by comparison. Thanks!
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