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    This is my tuning bench. The front lip is a 24 that has been notched to allow my vise to grab on to it.
    To me what makes tuning fast and easy is everything hanging in its own spot on the wall. I can quickly grab the proper tool with no searching.

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    Sweet , what's chucked up in the Makita ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    Sweet , what's chucked up in the Makita ?
    Horse hair brush

    Also have nylon and brass hand brushes.

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    Here's my DIY bench. Rather than carry the 2x4 across the front, I stepped it back a couple of inches in between the legs and added a piece of 1x under the plywood to give my vises a better mount. As soon as the season is over, the vises come off and it's a normal workbench.

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