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    DIN Setting Calculators

    I tried a few sites and they all work the same. In any case, with the opening of A Basin, my son got hi boots out and clicked into the bindings. I checked the DIN settings and they are set pretty much to what he needs. For the fun of it, I checked my DIN settings and got a surprise. The DIN on my skis are set to 8 which would be fine if I was between 10 and 49 now that I crossed the 50 mark they want it set at 6.5 - shit I will pop our of them every time. Not like I ski differently now that I did two years ago or even 5 years ago. However, I am not changing it!

    I know many of you set your higher than recommended what is your thinking on that?

    Age discrimination I tell you!

    Here is one that I used.

    2012-2013 (39)
    2013-2014 (36)
    2014-2015 (51)
    2015-2016 (47)

    2016-2017 target - 50

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    How comfortable are you with your DIN now? Do they release when they are supposed to or only after a really big fall?

    I had a weird fall at Copper a couple of years ago where I was slowly twisted around backwards and my tail stuck in the snow. I could literally feel my ACL stretch to the point where it was about to tear......then my binding thankfully released.

    For reference, I'm exactly where that chart says I am supposed to be. If you are not skiing any super steep terrain and worried about pre-release at the wrong time, I would lower them to 7.5 first and see how that pans out.
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    2014/2015 Days - 58
    2013/2014 Days - 47 (inc. 6 BC)

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    Old people bones snap easier...
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    Just stick with what's been working for you. You'll need to start cranking up anything that is done in the shop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
    Old people bones snap easier...
    50 is the new 30!
    2012-2013 (39)
    2013-2014 (36)
    2014-2015 (51)
    2015-2016 (47)

    2016-2017 target - 50

    If you take what the mountain gives you, you will always have fun!

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    The calculator said 8 for me, 50+ is 6.5. I've always used 8, which I thought was above suggested but I guess not. No way I'm going to 6.5 even though I'm >50. I've never had a problem with late release or early release. One year they didn't release until late in season - I was getting worried then bam, perfect release. I also ride the edge of trails, always. Closely on groomer days. Lots of snow making pipes, rocks, trees....an early release could be deadly. I would rather wrench a knee then get a header into a tree because a rock launched me out of skis. I'm an aggressive strong skier and put my equipment to its max. Just cuz I'm a chica doesn't mean I don't ski as hard as you guys lol. And my oral surgeon said my bones were 2nd hardest he's ever seen, so don't need bone graft before my upcoming implant. He said women do have weaker bones then men as they age, but I'm good. I've never had a broken bone or injury - I guess that's why lol, so blowing off that 50+ downshift.

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