Lake effect squalls piled up overnight Friday night all along the Green Mountain spine and continued for most of the day today.

1st day out for the year and I was thinking of hitting SVT today but after watching the squalls on doppler all day Friday I knew the goods were gonna be up north.

Bush only had upper mountain trails going today but there was definitely 9-10" fresh and probably 2-3 more dropped by the time I left early afternoon. My first two runs on Jester were epic. Did not get fresh tracks the whole run but I did manage to claim some on entire pitches. Snow was smooth and fast, almost beady as opposed to fluffy. Great base builder. Still, incredibly surfable and tons of fun.

Some pics:


Yes even the trees off of Spillsville were an option, but w extreme caution.

After seeing pics from Stowe and Jay today I think they made out even better. Tomorrow is going to be awesome, get out there!

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