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    Quote Originally Posted by ss20 View Post
    Euro says Merry Christmas...

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    First time this year the GFS is trending towards the EURO slowly. Timing is BIG with this deal. 12Z NAM would throw tons of backside snow for the mountains.

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    Can it be an actual Neaster? How long has it been 20 months?

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    oh man that would be sweet. Doing Bolton Valley on the 1st and Sugarbush on the 2nd. Gonna be watching this closely!

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    thursday on looks like a solid pattern.

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    Wow - this is shaping up nicely.

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    I just watched the WMUR weather report and saw the band of rain that went through and today it is above freezing everywhere. Looks like a Refreeze for tomorrow so the snow coming Thursday 6" or so is timely.

    You are in a rain, refreeze, snow and repeat pattern. Cut it out!

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    Well if the models stay true then things are about to get real nice. Maybe actually get some real snow in NH?

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    That's a bit more than 6"

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    Beat GYX snowmap in the last couple years

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigo View Post
    Beat GYX snowmap in the last couple years

    Lets go!

    Expecting at least 8-10" for most of ski country in NH!

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