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    My set-up:

    1. One of three base-layers that I actually like of the 5-6 that I own. None are too expensive. One is wool, the other two are synthetic. One is a pretty thick UA thing with a half-turtle neck sorta thing that I use on very cold days. All three are fairly loose fitting. All three can be tucked into your ski pants.

    2. Lucky patriots T-shirt - this is a basic T-shirt with a patriots logo made out of synthetic material. It feels like a light workout shirt. I wear this every time I ski, even if I ski 3-4 days in a row. I have been known to wash it in the sink of my hotel room / rented condo / buddies house.

    3. Optional weird poly-ester thin sweater-vest thing - given as a gift as part of a golf-shirt combo. Its got a V-neck and it is sleeveless. I use this on cold days (5-15F) as a third layer.

    When the temp is in the single digits its tempting to exchange a layer for a thicker one but this is often a mistake. With my set-up your arms can get a little cold towards the top of slower lifts but otherwise you are fine. This is perfect because you won't be sweating bullets in deep snow, in glades or slack country / back country, or on long mogul runs.

    If its frost-bite weather (0 degrees to -15F) then I do double up on the base layers with a tighter synthetic layer and then the wool layer. I never double up if I'm using the thick under-armor thing. I have skied a lot in -5 to -10 degree ambient temp (before wind-chill) and have been fairly successful. I do tend to use foot warmers since I lost my warmest pair of wool socks and can't find any even remotely close in warmth - the ski specific socks mostly suck anyway IMO.

    The point of this post is that you don't need expensive stuff, or even ski-specific stuff. Golf shirts work great as a layer. Base layers are important. Find what works for you!

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    Synthetics every time. I'f go for something that wicks away the moisture from the inside out. The thought of wearing cotton just gives me the chills.

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    I like wearing a crew neck sweater under my ski jacket.

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    Under Armor ColdGear. And a thin shirt over that.

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    A Northface packable down layer. If I do not need it it rolls up into a neat little ball yet when on is quite warm - better than a sweatshirt. BTW they are pretty cheap at TJ Maxx or Marshall's.

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    I wear:

    1) UnderArmour LS loose gear (if it's really cold I go UnderArmour LS coldgear)
    2) Loose/baggy light'ish sweatshirt
    3) Ski jacket
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