Snow Bike Rentals


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    Snow Bike Rentals

    I am so amped to hit the trails on a day tire bike. Has anyone had luck renting a bike with nice fat snow tires after skiing?


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    Too expensive for me but you can do this with maintained trails at burke. Or you can just ride anywhere down south on your summer bike this weekend

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    Stratton has fat bike rentals and you can use them on their XC / Nordic trails according to their website. Killington does as well but it's a third party vendor. I found info on their site. I'm trying to plan a ski trip to one of the two places and want to incorporate a non-ski/ride option for our group besides snowshoeing or XCing.
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    Thanx a lot for these rental offers!

    In comparison with other sites - AlpineZone is the best and the most useful. I like it! Thanx a lot to each member for useful information

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