Good New England Bump Runs


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    Good New England Bump Runs

    All the bump talk got me thinking about bump runs that I have skied back east. Outer Limits seemed to be the most intimidating for me - just seemed long. But the list below are some that I recall not that they are always bumped but i have been on them when they have been. Now I know there are other serious bump runs that I did not list like some of the lift line trails (I am not much of a "under the lift line skier"). These are some of my favorites.

    There are a boat load of others, but the idea of limited bump runs in the Northeast does not seem right. There are several on this list that wopuld even be good for intermediates. What are some of your favorites?

    Outer Limits
    Superstar (best in the Spring)
    Steins (best in the Spring)
    Ripcord (best in the Spring)
    Cannon First three are often good season long but really nice in the spring
    Upper Hardscrabble
    Hurricane (Actually pretty challenging for a smaller ski area due to bump irregularity)
    Goniff Glades (favorit run at Magic)
    Red line
    Okemo These are narrower runs that are fun
    White Lightening
    Upper Limelight
    Jay Peak
    The Jet (Nice spring run)
    CanAm (nice classic bump run)
    Lost Boyz
    Spell Binder
    Bobby's Run

    There are others at Stowe, Smuggs, Burke (in the woods) but the names escape me. Gunstock? Mount Snow?

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    Ripcord is barely a bump run. There are only bumps directly under the lift. I would say Spilsville at Sugarbush is the best there.

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    Dave, we need to talk. You move out west and do more posting here than when you did during shitty times in the east.

    I expect more skiing pics!
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    Sugarbush bump run and FIS isn't listed?
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    Castle Rock

    bumps are everywhere

    Lower K27
    Upper Crossover

    Devils Fiddle

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    I feel like a lot of those runs are groomed a lot in winter.

    I like the bumps on upper wildcat
    underneath the Jordan quad
    Vertigo at K
    hotshot at gunstock
    some of the lower angle stuff at Bretton woods for practicing

    so are a few that were not mentioned that I've liked.

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    Agony at Sunday River.
    Middle Earth at Sugarbush.
    Chinclip and many others at Stowe

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    I like the narrow ones but these are my favs, in some cases they're the toughest runs in other cases just more unique and fun.

    MRG - Fall Line , Lower Antelope , Lynx
    Bolton - Preacher, TNT, Bolton Outlaw, Upper Tattletale, Vermont 200
    Sugarbush - Rumble, Paradise
    Mt Ellen - Upper FIS, Bravo, Tumbler, Exterminator
    Killington - Old Superstar, North Star, Royal Flush, The Jug, Devil's Fiddle
    Pico - Upper Giant Killer, Summit Glade
    Mount Snow - Bear Trap
    Bromley - Havoc, Pabst Peril
    Magic - Goniff Glade, Slide of Hans
    Jay Peak - Kitzbuhel, Power Line
    Stowe - Starr, Chin Clip, Upper Smugglers
    Burke - East Bowl (when it's not groomed), Wilderness/Powderhorn

    Saddleback - Golden Smelt
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    Sugarbush - Middle Earth, Twist, Moonshine, Tumbler, Semi-Tough (this one can be a fun intermediate bump run at ME when there's enough snow), Lower Domino (another fun mellow bump run).

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    Depends on your fancy. Not a ton of trails mentioned offer up consistent bumps all season long, year after year.

    Madmadworld saw a few examples that folks have said like runs at Mount Ellen, Centerline/Chin Clip at Stowe, and Chute at MRG are some of Madmadworld's favorites.

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