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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornhead View Post
    +1, Jimmy liked Anna, Jimmy slipped a little on the icy spots, but Jimmy still had fun!

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    lol literally

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    I can name 5 at Mt Ellen that I skied today - Bravo, Encore, Exterminator, Tumbler and Hammerhead. All of them are natural snow trails.

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    Vista Way, Cannon in Spring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freeski View Post
    Vista Way, Cannon in Spring.
    True that trail can be a lot of fun when bumped. Good blue trail bump run.

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    Any trail that has good bumps & snow on it. Don't care what it's named or where it is. As long as it's on the mountain I happen to be skiing that day - that's my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdfreetuna View Post
    Yep, one of the tougher blues I can think of.
    Victoria @ Whiteface [/end topic]

    When they let that bump up it would be a double-diamond elsewhere, and it gets way worse than in this picture. Whiteface in general is "no kid gloves" when it comes to their trail ratings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WWF-VT View Post
    I can name 5 at Mt Ellen that I skied today - Bravo, Encore, Exterminator, Tumbler and Hammerhead. All of them are natural snow trails.
    How were the conditions up there today?
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    Forgot about Shockwave!! Wonderful trail.

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    Incredibly technical and and on a good snow day, amazing to ski! There are some moguls in the woods that I like more but those don't really count as trails. Close tie for second on all of the other trails on Castle Rock peak and a tie for third on any/all natural trails.

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