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    Quote Originally Posted by camberstick View Post
    they do get way more snow than smuggs or stowe for sure, jay is another world .
    Snow melted here - go to Smuggs or Stowe

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    just arrived here at Jay last night. it is insanely deep. you only believe in jay cloud when you actually come here.
    it is still snowing. the roads were fine all the way up here.
    but the last ten miles, it was coming down hard.

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    When you over-inflate a metric sh!t-ton, you still have a metric sh!t-ton.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benski View Post
    Jay peek probably gets the most snow put I doubt it close to 100 inches more. Also Sugarbush somehow is 257" meanwhile Mad River has 124-197.
    Seriously? That's amazing. LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by morrisk9 View Post

    I was a meteorology major in college at SUNY Oswego, NY ....... how can Jay Peak get lake effect snow when it is over 200 miles from Lake Ontario? There is no lake effect that far away.
    I find this kind of surprising, because I was not a meteorology major in college, and truth be told I couldn't draw a picture of a pirate to save my life if I had too, but even I know that L.E.S. can be a "real", tangible, actual, physical, thing over 200 miles away.

    Vermont does gets L.E.S., Plattekill and the Catskill mountains do get L.E.S. fairly regularly and that's probably 160 miles or so as the crow flies, and even I in northern New Jersey can get L.E.S. (it's pretty rare) if the wind direction and wind speed are just right, and that's about 215 miles.

    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    You're just NOW realizing that they hype their snowfall totals? They've been doing that for decades.

    Though to be fair, they've been better in the last decade'ish. I think most ski areas have, because the smart ones realize that with "teh internetz" it's very difficult to lie about snow assuming your customers arent complete morons. Camelback, for instance, clearly thinks their average customer has 14 teeth and vocalizes through grunts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by benski View Post
    Jay peek probably gets the most snow put I doubt it close to 100 inches more. Also Sugarbush somehow is 257" meanwhile Mad River has 124-197.
    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    Seriously? That's amazing. LOL
    It isn't that amazing.

    Sugarbush says their snowfall is 106-267 base to summit. MRG is reporting 130-204 base to summit. You're not comparing apples to apples though. The summit of LP is approximately 300' higher than the summit of MRG. Early in the season there were quite a few days where SB was getting substantially more snow at the top than they were even just a few hundred feet in elevation down the mountain. Plus SB started tracking their snowfall totals before they even opened. I'm not sure whether MRG tracked some of that early November (late October?) snow that melted before the mountain opened. That could easily account for the difference as well. Overall I think the totals at the two resorts are pretty much in line with each other when you factor in the variables just mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG. View Post
    Ski resorts exaggerate snow totals?

    I'm stunned.
    Say it aint so!

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    Who cares! It is deep out there everywhere right now.

    ...taken somewhere in the NEK yesterday (not Jay Peak):

    Backcountry NEK Style-12 by Tim_NEK, on Flickr
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    Don't really care about stats at this point. I was there for the first time Sun,Mon, and Tues and it was great.


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