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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    I was amazed by this. Five days after receiving 44" of snow, there were some bare spots emerging at Whiteface yesterday, and all the woods were closed. On trail conditions were great though, especially for Whiteface.
    All the woods were closed ??? Strange.

    At Jay Peak, a few bare spots were emerging on the usual windblown open runs but the woods all all in extremely good shape, inbound and out of bound. The sun was definitely warm enough to melt a bit of snow, even in sub-freezing temperature.

    Biggest problem is the underlying ice. On a few runs, too many bad intermediate skiers unable to stick to the slope line have resulted in icy patches separated by huge compacted snow moguls with 90-degree uphill faces.

    Still, considering the weather, one fantastic week-end of skiing. On Friday, lots of deep untouched snow left in the secret spots. Second largest crowd of the year on Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fbrissette View Post
    All the woods were closed ??? Strange.
    I should have added the caveat that they didnt need to be, as my comment could be misleading. Whiteface is known to be uber-conservative with closures, which I believe ultimately hurts their bottom-line (not that it matters). The slides were open all weekend, for instance, but they didn't remove the beacon/probe restrictions due to avalanche risk, which is/was ridiculous, especially by Sunday which was spring skiing.
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    It was a good weekend to be out. I was impressed with how good the snow was on the trails...days after the event. It was back to winter. Gotta take these days when you can get them.

    The sun angle this time of year doesn't help things. I took my snowmobile out Saturday. I could see snirt starting to form on some of the hills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    Hunter was the same! Must be a Peak thing.
    In NH anyways, they run all their resorts a bit different. Attitash and Wildcat will be a bit gun shy making snow unless the 5 day forecast looks good. Crotched will make it often times even if there might potentially be rain a few days out. Attitash grooms the hell out of the place. It's worse than just about anywhere, which is a shame because they have some really steep terrain that would make for awesome bump trails. Wildcat usually only grooms about 50% of the terrain on a given night. Granted, some of that is due to the trails either not being capable of being groomed or they don't see snowmaking. Even so, there are several natural snow only trails that had the base this season to be groomed and they left them alone.

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    Snowgun shy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTKilarney View Post
    In a year that has been somewhat tough on weekend skiers, this weekend was insanely excellent. The only bummer is that the sun is really starting to get high in the sky. With no clouds in the sky, a decent amount of snow melted. Especially where dark spots soaked in the sun's warmth, melting the snow around them.

    But this weekend was one of the best I've had in a LONG time.
    Here here. I had the luck of having TH and FR off too. Best 4 consecutive days ever, that I can remember (so in last 20 years lmao). Sunday afternoon at SR there was still soft snow in woods and plenty of pretty fresh stuff. I was rocking my SL skis and some places were still too deep for them Saturday. Beat myself up, few twig thwacks to face and bruises but got up without an ache today - blessed to be 50+yo and still ski full days of bumps - I never take that for granted. Carpe skiem

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