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View Poll Results: What is the "easiest" way down the west side of Magic Mountain, other than Wizard

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  • Broomstick / Heart of the Magican / Lower Magician

    1 10.00%
  • Talisman

    8 80.00%
  • Sorcerer

    1 10.00%
  • other

    0 0%
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    Did you ski it like a goddamn champ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NY DirtBag View Post
    Did you ski it like a goddamn champ?
    No, I skied it like a hesitant first timer

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    Glad you liked it. Really great surprise pow day. Planned to ski until drenched but it just snowed for hours. Agree about Talisman, big soft bumps, old school magic skiing.

    We skied broomstick. Sporty but totally skiable. Same with black line. That's magic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by urungus View Post
    Thanks for the advice everybody. Broomstick was closed today (despite what it said on the snow report), so I went down Talisman a couple times. Once I peeked over the initial crest, it wasn't as steep as I had initially feared last week. A little bumpy but not too bad. Wonderful powder field after the second headwall. Second time down I took Bailout over to Heart of the Magician / Lower Magician, which wasn't as steep but there were a couple of tricky "death trenches" (is there skier slang for that) on Bailout. Also it is funny that the Bailout trail comes *after* the most difficult part of Talisman, the second headwall was much easier (and even had an unmoguled part on the left).

    Here's the Ski Tracks map, runs 3 & 5

    Attachment 22269
    Based on early trail maps I've seen (not personal experience) lower Talisman didn't exist - Talisman went into Heart of Magician, so "Bail-Out" was actually Talisman. Only when todays lower section of Talisman was cut did they need to a name for Bail Out, though some maps showed the trail without a name.

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