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    I'm pretty sure the point of the video was to make fun of park skiers who wear hoodies on the hill.

    Actually I'm 110% sure and if you watched this and were < 100% sure you may want to look into the form of comedy known as parodies. Some good stuff there once you dig in.

    Big Mountain bro culture making fun of Park Brah culture.

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    So when I first saw this video I thought it looked familiar and I remember seeing a video camera and microphone on a Tram ride, but honestly at Snowbird I see that a lot. And then I saw reference to the Spy Goggle Day and thought, "huh, I was there that weekend." And then in the Tram scene at about 2:05 sure enough I can see my Head Cyclic 115 skis (Yellow and Black) just to the looker's right of his head! Yep, I was there and apparently one of the dumb locals!

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    So edgy. Wow. So brave.

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    While it was somewhat entertaining it was also 6+ minutes I will never have back.

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