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    The mountain is designed pretty well it just takes a little while to get to know all the options. If you find yourself going sideways all day, you're doing it wrong. Point your skis downhill and enjoy the nearest trail.
    2016/2017: * = powder day
    Berkshire East [January 16, February 10]
    Bolton Valley [January 1, February 5*, February 19]
    Burke [December 17*, January 28*]
    Heavenly [March 5*, March 11]
    Jay Peak [January 29*, April 9]
    Jiminy Peak [November 26]
    Killington [December 4, December 10, April 8*, April 15]
    Kirkwood [March 8]
    Mad River Glen [February 25]
    Magic [February 13*]
    Mt Rose [March 7*]
    Mountain Snow [April 3]
    Northstar [March 10]
    Okemo [November 23]
    Pico [January 7*, February 18, March 19]
    Smuggler’s Notch [January 22]
    Stratton [February 4]
    Stowe [January 21]
    Sugarbush [January 2]
    Telluride [March 27, March 28*]
    Whiteface [February 12]

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    yea, k just needs to be skied strategically. like you shouldn't ever be like "ok I'm going to get from Snowdon to Bear in one run", because you're gonna waste time traversing across the place when instead you can ski Snowdon quad to K-1, K-1 to Superstar, Superstar to Bear Mountain (etc) and get 4500 vertical feet of actual terrain skiing in, instead of skating across long stupid connector trails for 45 min
    ~the stars turn, and a time presents itself~

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    Yeah, in high school I skied there a ton and our best days were when you just enjoyed one pod for a while and then moved on, instead of kind of chasing the trails around...."Scott wants to ski Devils fiddle! Let's go!.....Hey, I just our our friends are over on Superstar....told them we'd meet them at the bottom.....yadda, yadda...." then you are just killing yourself.....

    I remember one year - this is probably the last time I skied K-ton until last year when I went for a day - was trying to get from our condo, which was ski on, but way out lookers left of Bear, to the base of the old three stage Gondi - the very base.... It dumped snow, so all the traverse trails were engrossed, flat and just exhausting, and I had to take two lifts before skiing down. Was 45 minutes late for the hook up, and I completely ate it under the lift line of the second lift I had to ride in knee deep powder....

    Day got significantly better after that.

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