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Re: above, I didn't realize it was closer to $110/night. I think that might be advance booking though. I've looked into it before and from what I recall it was closer to $150, weekends.

As stated I don't care if they remodel the hotel or not, they can tear it down for all I care, I'm happy staying somewhere more interesting down the road.

One thing about Bolton terrain is they are closer to the conservative side in terms of letting trails be open than say MRG, Sugarbush. Often there are trails closed mid-way through the year that have plenty of coverage but they are waiting to make snow on them anyway.

Bolton Valley should make greater use of "thin cover" signs IMO. But maybe they are playing it safe insurance wise.
I've always wondered how insurance deals with thin cover signs. Hopefully that trail opening policy was more of an ownership decision/policy that will change with the new owners.

Re: hotel - I think $150 would be a tad steep for my tastes too unless it was MLK weekend or something.