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    I agree that you should get a pack. Snowboard boots are more comfy than ski boots, but you will want regular hiking boots for the hike in and out so a pack to carry your snowboard boots and clothes that you will shed for the hike up and then use when up top, not to mention carrying lunch and water and some basic first aid crap. I wouldn't want to hike 3+ miles carrying my board under my arm.

    Also, you will be hiking down the hiking trail, not the Sherburne Trail.
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    i've been in the bowl a couple times and never successfully ridden an entire chute. Dropped the board once down Left Gully and luckily that missile didn't hit anyone badly (I recommend wearing a helmet!!!!), tomahawked down another gully. Heelside turns are more natural on steep terrain, which is why some riders tend to heel slide over steeps. The smaller the better for boards in there!!!! You want quick, short turns!!!! You are really just hopping into each edge over the dirty, MOUNDED corn-snow moguls (like Left Gully, late in the season, especially). I will probably use my mini board there again (123 cm).
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