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    Check it out on google earth. It looks to me that 75% of the terrain accessed from the lifts is below tree line. One of the pods is around 3k of vertical below treeline. If you don't like skiing in the alpine you probably don't have big enough skis. Go faster, ski bigger, it's fun.

    With global weirding and 6800 to 7k of vert I think this place might fly. Hopefully it doesn't sink like KH and Revelstoke before it really gets to shine. IF it's done right I think it could force reasonable options for traveling to there, maybe?
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    That's what I LIKE about western mountains! Almost all of my (previous) trip out west were to mountains that has open bowl skiing. Up until a few years ago, I skipped right over ANY western mountain that doesn't have some alpine sector skiing!

    I figured I can ski trees in the east anyway. I want to ski something different if I'm travelling. But so far, almost all of the western mountain I've been to have substantial below treeline skiing (when we're talking about "BIG" mountains out west, a 25% terrain is A LOT of terrain!!!)
    Spot on!

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