Loiveland, A Basin - 04/22/17 & 04/23/17


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    Loiveland, A Basin - 04/22/17 & 04/23/17

    Saturday was more of an attempt to get some good snow at Loveland before things warmed up too much. My son had a lacrosse game in the Denver area and before we headed to the game my wife wanted to pack our gear. His game got done around 11:30 and we headed to Loveland with a quick stop for lunch. Nice thing about arriving around that time of day is the parking up front that becomes available. It was immediately visible that all powder had been tracked out but the snow skied really nice and it seemed like mid winter conditions for the most part. Started at Chair 1 over to Ptarmigan where we spent most of our time. We did a final run from Chair 4 with my son. It really went by quick. Would liked to have more time but kids sports get in the way.

    Sunday, we knew that the temps were going to cause fairly firm conditions in the morning and super soft conditions in the afternoon. Prime window was about 10-2. We started with Montezuma Bowl and went down Long Chute which had powder chop with a peel away crust that made things interesting, but it was not time yet. We skied several runs down the groomers. We then headed over to the other side to lap the Lenawee lift. We ended up skiing and dropping in from Cornice Run which was fun. We ate lunch and then came back out to much softer conditions. The East Wall was now skiing great as well as Land of Giants. We also mixed in other runs and cruised but when we went to the base now closer to 2 the conditions were very soft and we decided to go higher again back to East Wall. My wife and I took the traverse and ducked a rope to get to an area that looked like it was not skied that much, Unfortunately, ski patrol was in the area and we got busted. The ski patrol was a young woman and did not have a great personally. I think if we did not need our passes my wife would have punched her in the face. She would not shut up and repeated the issue like 10 times. We apologized and every time she seemed more pissed off and would repeat. It became comical. In any case no pass was pulled. We then decided it was time to hang it up and had a beer lounging in the lawn chairs at Black Mountain Lodge before leaving. We had a great day again.

    Next weekend begins the concert series in the courtyard that will take us into June - fun times!

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