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    reACT exercise machine

    My gym just got this thing in this week. The manager was showing people how to use it. He brought up ski training, saying it was ideally suited for that. I did 40 reps on it which roughly equates to 40 squats. Seems promising if I can get some time on it.

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    I remember this machine as a "Quadmill" and seen vids of alpine racers training on them. Never used them but I can see it as an excellent eccentric muscle trainer for the quadriceps and very applicable to skiing. Seems expensive so I can understand commercial gyms only having one of them, thus I can see a long wait time to jump in. That said, I incorporated "Leg Basters" into my workout routine which involves the eccentric muscle contraction for the legs. Started this before the start of last season, imo adding this eccentric training allowed me to do back to back days where I was lapping moguls each day.

    Link below explains the eccentric contraction, its relation to alpine skiing and the Leg Blaster routine.
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