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    Quote Originally Posted by machski View Post
    Part of the issue with EMS is they are not a stand alone company. They are part of Bob's Stores and another retail brand I'm blanking on. I thought a lot of the chapter 11 was related to the other retail brand in the portfolio and not as much due to EMS or Bob's.
    That maybe true of their latest woes. But they were on their way down long before they sold to Bob's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Getting old and time is speeding up but I think it was in 2013 they moved out of Peterborough. Not sure when they switched over making their stuff to Asia.
    The huge warehouse in Peterborough has been pretty empty since they shut down their catalog business many, many years ago, and has been very empty since 2012 when the warehouses were consolidated at Bob's warehouse in CT(I think). Today I bought 3 sets of heavy duty shelves from the store as they are selling off all of the remaining warehouse equipment in preparation to lease the space. The Peterborough store will remain open.

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