Thermals? Inner wear?


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    Thermals? Inner wear?

    Hi all,

    Iím taking my young son skiing for the first time soon and as itís been a few years since Iíve been on the slopes myself, Iím guessing there has been a lot of technological advances in clothing and fabrics.

    So far, Iíve managed to find him a half-decent ski suit online ( and Iím now looking at whatís best in terms of socks and inner wear.

    Can anyone recommend any brands, or specific materials I should be considering? Heís never seen snow before and doesnít exactly appreciate what Ďcoldí really means, so I just want to make things as comfortable for him as I possibly can.

    Any thoughts or advice on this would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance

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    What is most important is layers. If you do not have enough then the cold can bite. If you have too much then layers can be taken off. Any performance base layers will probably cost more than the kids jump suit if that is what you are getting. There is not a whole lot of performance wear for kids. But a base layer that is designed to wick moisture is a good start after that our kids have always worn a sweat shirt (non cotton). More importantly - good mittens or gloves. People skimp in this area - they do not need to be expensive just well insulated with a good cuff. On the head there are beanies that fit under a helmet which our boys still use to this day and they are adults now. Smartwool or Darn Tough make great socks,
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    Under armour cold gear turtlenecks and tights - comes in kids sizes, lots of colors. Usually some available via their website in the clearance section as well as the main section. Wicks well, provides a nice base warmth layer, easy to clean and maintain and durable as well
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    Thanks guys, that's just the kind of advice I was looking for. I hadn't actually put much thought into gloves, thanks for that.

    Point taken on the quality of the base layer, I'll make that a priority, and will check out the under armour cold gear.

    Very much appreciated, thanks.

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