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    Post WM Article on Mount Tom

    It's too bad that it went NELSAP. Pretty big area.

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    Wow...almost 20 years since it closed.

    I skied there in the after school programs in grade-school and junior high. Had a number of races there when I was in junior high as well. It was quite the spot for schools back in the day; many offered the after school ski programs there due to the night skiing. They would put you in a group lesson for an hour or two, then let you free ski for the last hour. They also had a pretty decent water park and an alpine slide during the warmer months. I went there for school field trips and random day trips in the summer. It's really too bad they just shut down so suddenly.

    That area in general was very active back in the day. You had the Mt Tom reservation on the other side of the mountain; near the Log Cabin. When I was younger, we did a lot of hiking over there; even saw hang gliders back in the day. You also had Mountain Park which was a neat smaller amusement park.

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    Mount Tom is extra special to me with many great memories. My first date with my wife was night skiing there in March 1985.

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