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The Vibe – well I think it is often better in New England. In part, because the bars and lodges get crowded here and the sheer amount of tourist at Vail Resorts is crazy. I know some resorts get the same way back east (thinking of Killington) but it is different. Even in New England different resorts have different vibes – places like Magic, Wildcat or Cannon where lots of regulars show up vs Killington, Okemo or Loon where masses come to ski/snowboard. While, there are villages at the base of each Vail Resort with other amenities besides the bar or lodge scenes, the idea of Apres Ski with bands playing as the day comes to an end is different as well. I think the largesse of these resorts take away from the experience.
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I love the vibe out there. Aspen is my all time favorite, have yet to see a better ski town. Was pretty impressed with Steamboat this year and plan on going back again this coming season. Even had a good time in the Copper Village which is pretty small considering. I enjoy the vibe at most ski areas and we hit the Stratton Village and Lincoln (Loon) this year too and I would say we had good times both east and west.
I found the comments interesting.

Last year, after skiing Colorado several weeks a year for 3-4 years, I stayed put at Colorado and spent a good 2 months there. My change of status from 100% tourist to being a 1 year "seasonal", elicits different reactions.

As a tourist, locals were proud to show me "their" place, including some of their favorite spots that I would never find on my own. (of course there're those who wouldn't give me the time of day)

As a 1-year seasonal, I think I got a worse reaction. I wasn't local enough for the real locals to worth their time to socialize with. But they also don't feel I need their help in finding my way around either, which was true since I did have a local contact who knew the area inside out. But since my friend has to work 4 days out of a week, I often ski alone. Would have been nice to have people to ski with (or for après).