Sugarbush / MRG ski house shares available.


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    Sugarbush / MRG ski house shares available.

    We have a few ski house share openings available for the upcoming 17/18 season. Contact me for more info.

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    You really should post some details in the thread itself...This is like trying to sell a car and posting an ad somewhere saying "Car for me if you're interested"

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    That's enough for me.

    I'm in!

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    I miss the days of ski houses. Did it for years. Showing up Friday night and sitting around the fire with friends stoked to hit the hill the next day. But if I had the chance to do it all over again I would scrape up the money and buy a condo or a place at or near the mountain. It took us 17 years to commit to this and in the end it was amazing the amount of money that we wasted on ski houses. We figure it was about 100K we could have invested earlier and could have had income in the summer months. We have our place now and it is great. I guess that everybody should do the Ski house thing for a few years to experience it But don't stay too long like us. Good luck finding people. Hope you get some good ones.

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