Killington World Cup Tickets


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    Killington World Cup Tickets

    YES, THIS IS A RANT! Had all my tickets and preferred parking and pages kept locking up on two different computers. Lost on on the preferred parking because of their poor planning. (You know a bunch of people will be hitting your servers...scale them the fuck up this morning! It can be done!) Guess I will need to get there early, unless someone wants to sell their preferred parking passes.

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    I hear you. Same thing happened to me. First time- in the Cart then site boots me out. 2nd time, in the cart, put in CC number and hit continue/confirm, boots me again! 3rd time, says the date is not avail. After that, site updates saying parking passes sold out. Very frustrating, had the pass in my cart TWO times, even got my CC# in there the 2nd time. AARRGGHH!

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