Greek Peak announces massive snowmaking improvements ...


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    Greek Peak announces massive snowmaking improvements ...

    ... then deletes the Facebook post!

    So here it is:

    Skiers & Riders you are about to be more stoked for ski season...we just received our new HKD low energy snowmaking tower guns. This S Valve technology allows for optimal performance in wide variety of temperatures. Fantastic investment in snowmaking to add and replace 33,000 of underground waterline, 21,000 of underground airline and over 300 snow guns to make skiing & riding at GP the best in Central NY. Huge shout out to our owners and team to get this project underway.

    Had a photo of delivery of several 30' HKD towers and some sleds and 10' HDKs in front of their lodge.

    How ridiculous. I know this is their marketing because they've referenced pipe swaps in years past without mentioning feet. They just give a number like "we're replacing 2000 of pipe." There were lots of people sharing and commenting on the post.

    The question is how true is this? Their marketing lies about and oversells upgrades all the time. But 300 guns and 10.3 miles of replaced and additional pipe is a MASSIVE upgrade. I just hope Arcadian Gate gets coverage so we can avoid the death double polling on upper Mars Hill.

    My guess? Media blackout. They like to drop their big news through local TV stations for free coverage.
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    A little shy of $2M just for that pipe and the guns at normal industry prices. Add on welding, any new hydrants, etc on top. That's one big project, especially for a ~1K vert hill.

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    Somebody with views to share should add this to the NMS ski area guide:

    The Greek Peak guide could use some contributions from someone who has actually be there.
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    I have 2 pics of the snowmaking equipment:



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    Could their numbers of pipe replacements be in a different unit other than feet? Inches? Decimeters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jully View Post
    Could their numbers of pipe replacements be in a different unit other than feet? Inches? Decimeters?
    I think nanometers, like semiconductors.

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    Viper sleds, too. That should help all trails, not just the ones with new permanent guns.

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    Newpylong, most certainly they'll have to add new hydrants. The current hydrant spacing is a sad 150-200 feet.

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    Looks like they listened to all the long time pass holders that left. They called every one one of them and asked why they left.

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    They didn't call me. I could have explained to them the snowmaking issues back in Winter '09-'10 when I started skiing the place. Before they went bankrupt.

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