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    Well that answered my question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prsboogie View Post
    Check this place out if your looking for good conversations and a functional site.
    What place would that be?

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    I blame the lurkers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    Any news on The Summit?

    New site this year
    " 2020 Make America Cold Again " Something we all can agree on !

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    I lurk more than I post, but have always appreciated the hyper-local knowledge of east coast mountains you get here. I chalked up the slowness to the general summer malaise but have noticed a few functionality issues visiting time to time lately.

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    I'd hate to see this place go away. While I'm more active on Pugski I do come here every day to check things out. I really like having a site with the primary focus being the northeast.

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    I usually don't visit here regularly in the summer. I think that's true for many. So I'm not too concerned with the low traffic.

    What I'm concerned is the increase in "technical difficulties" on my occasional visits. Some days, the forum became "read only" because posting was close to impossible. This, following last winter's frequent outages, will drive users away for good if continues into the coming winter.

    So, I hope it'll get corrected and the site continues. After what happened to epicski.com, ski forum are not something to be taken for granted.

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    I just now am starting to think about skiing.

    Most of the time this board has existed I've been skiing elsewhere than the northeast...then again every so often I do like to spend a winter back home and I'm sure my days of Northeast skiing are not done. I define the term "home" pretty loosely anyhow. I hope that doesn't change moving forward. I do like to keep up with whats going on back there and am genuinely excited when you get the good stuff back there. If you go through the emotional roller coaster as a skier back in the Northeast, well then by god you better believe the highs are extra high!

    I've met a ton of really fucking awesome people over the years from here. All different walks of life which is maybe my favorite part of the whole thing. Some really really excellent skiers/riders as well. Nick if you're reading this pass this joint along. Puff, puff, pass.

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    I don't think that this place will die soon, but it will most certainly continue to degrade unless something changes.

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